The company has a large number of senior technical backbones and business personnel who have been engaged in liquid crystal display for many years,Has a high degree of independent research and development capabilities,For customers
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Company business covers "media advertising machine, touch one machine, LCD splicing unit, LCD monitor, e-learning white board"
Professional display series products


High-end design, j superb production, speed service installation, and strive for the best customer satisfaction
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  • Chain store for brand names

    Project display in East China

  • Fuzhou Decoration Co., Ltd.

    Southern China area project display

  • Government affairs service center...

    Project exhibition in Southwest China

  • Panhua oral hospital

    Southern China area project display

  • Guangze County Market Supervision Bureau

  • The First Peoples Hospital of Heihe City.

  • Harbin Engineering University.

  • Heyuan Market Supervision Institute.


National leader Brand Chang, China's high-end LCD leader

Shenzhen New Great Wall Technology Co. Ltd.Shenzhen New Great Wall Technology Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen New Great Wall Technology Co. Ltd. headquartered in Baoan District Shiyan street, Shenzhen City, Xinxu Xingda Industrial District 3 building A5, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the design, development and production of liquid crystal display products, and the first "leading enterprise of independent innovation industry" in Shenzhen.

The company's business covers "multimedia advertising machine, touch integrated machine, intelligent touch machine...

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